Come Rain or Shine has a large selection of accessories to help in planning your event.

Canopy Connections

A canopy connection is a 6 Ft. wide covered walkway that connects the tent to a building , another tent, or used as an entrance way to your event.

6 Ft. Wide Canopy…………………..$11.50 per running foot

Standard Sidewalls (7 Ft.) are included in the rental price and are available in white or clear plastic


Heaters – Come Rain or Shine/Tent Works uses L.B. White portable tent heaters. The unit itself is placed outside the tent and blows warm air into the tent through duct work. Each unit runs off a 100 Lb. propane cylinder and is thermostatically controlled from inside the tent.

L.B. White Heaters………………………$275.00 per unit (includes one 100 Lb. tank)

Tent Lighting

Bright Lights
Provide reflective lighting that will brighten any event.

bright lights




Cocktail Lights
White string Cocktail Lights that attach to the perimeter of the tent are available at $1.10 per running foot.

cocktail lights

Ceiling of Lights

An arrangement of string Cocktail Lights that make you feel you are under the stars!!!     

IMG_0304     IMG_4047-1     IMG_0415      IMG_4093a

Rice Paper Lanterns

These lanterns add ambience and charm to any size tent!
Available in a variety of colors and sizes you can mix and match to create your own unique take on the classic round paper lantern:

From the simple yet elegant:
rice paper lanterns     rice paper lights     chandeliers
To the event of a lifetime!!
event of a lifetime      event of a lifetime      event of a lifetime
event of a lifetime


Excellent centerpiece to complement any tent
chandeliers      chandeliers      chandeliers     chandeliers

Evergreen Pole Decorations

These are available for an additional charge. Please let us know and we will include them in your proposal.


Wedding archway available in 10 ft. width. $225.00


We also have electric pedestal fans available. $50.00 each

Tent Carpeting – Green indoor/outdoor carpeting can be installed in your tent for $.45 per square foot.

Linens – Tablecloths are available in solid white only.  Napkins are available in solid white and a few selected colors.

Tablecloths……………..$13.95 per table
Napkins…………………. $1.00 each

Pleated Table Skirts………………………$25.50 each (fits 8 Ft. Long Table)
Available in: White and Royal Blue